Retailer Summer Colony Living Partners with Yates Enterprisesto Offer Temparature Detectors that Help Businesses in Wester US to Protect Against COVID-19

May 28, 2020
Retailer Summer Colony Living Partners with Yates Enterprises to Offer Temperature Detectors that Help Businesses in Western States Protect Against COVID-19
PALM DESERT, May XX, 2020 – Retailer Summer Colony Living, with stores on El Paseo in Palm Desert, California, has exclusively partnered with Yates Enterprises to offer safe, efficient and easy-to-use non-contact infrared temperature detectors to help businesses in the Western United States protect employees and customers against the Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Temperature detection is a key procedure for screening suspected cases of COVID-19. This preventative technology is a critical and effective solution for essential businesses that remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic, and for businesses and communities when they reopen after shelter-in-place orders are lifted. The detectors use advanced thermal camera technology and can be integrated with existing security systems in both commercial and industrial applications.
“Having a mindful business environment is key to the success of reopening.  Summer Colony Living is proud to partner with Yates Enterprises to provide the highest quality and most precise temperature sensors on the market today to consumer and manufacturing businesses in the Western region of the United States,” said Debra Y. Carrington, founder and CEO of Summer Colony Living.
"Summer Colony Living is an excellent partner, given their experience in the consumer space.  We feel strongly feel that for businesses to reopen, safeguards must be in place. These non-invasive non-contact  thermal scanners will provide a rapid screening for customers as well as employees to help prevent the further spread of the pandemic and allow businesses and customers to resume their normal activities,” said Dr. William Yates, MD, founder and CEO of Yates Enterprises. "Because fever is the only COVID-19 symptom that can be measured, temperature detectors are an effective way to help stop the transference of this infectious disease."
Yates Enterprises’ temperature detectors accurately and rapidly measure the body temperature of people entering a facility. Employees standing six feet apart and wearing masks approach the detector one at a time, placing their forehead or wrist two inches away from the sensor. If their temperature is normal, they are free to pass. If an alarm sounds, the employee is screened again with a handheld infrared forehead thermometer. If his or her temperature still exceeds the company's standard, the employee is sent home. This helps keep potentially ill employees from infecting co-workers and customers. The scanners are being successfully used in the Midwest and other countries.
The COVID-19 protection products offered by Summer Colony Living and Yates Enterprises include:
  • Portable Infrared Non-Contact Thermal Detector – Mounted on the wall near a building's entrance. Can rapidly detect body surface temperature from a safe distance without physical contact. In addition to a green light signifying in-range temperatures and a red light indicating out-of-range body temperatures, the system also uses voice warnings. The sensor also can be integrated into walk through metal detectors, ordinary doors, and intelligent access control systems.
  • Portable Infrared Non-Contact Thermal & Facial Detector – Combines infrared temperature measurement with 3-in-1 facial recognition. Intelligent analysis records date, time, body temperature and other details of employees entering facilities.
  • Walk Through Non-Contact Thermal Detector – Maintains social distancing, while ensuring rapid screening of those who may be ill. Features a large digital display and sounding alarm system. Measurement is taken two inches from the sensor at a rate of one second per person.
  • Thermal Temperature Monitoring System – A faster, more sanitary way to identify a person with an elevated temperature in a group of up to 50 people. The system captures the person's identity automatically with the facial recognition feature, and immediately sends an alert.
  • Infrared Forehead Thermometers – Provide secondary screening with the Walk-Through Temperature Scanners and other screening in smaller-scale environments.
The temperature detection devices offer solutions for all business sizes and sectors, including hospitals, airports, factories, office buildings, schools, hotels, casinos, restaurants, grocery and retail stores, among other establishments.
Summer Colony Living is handling product orders in California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Utah, Alaska, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and Texas.  The company recommends ordering its COVID-19 protection products two to four weeks prior to reopening. For more information, please call (760) 565-1800 or email
About Summer Colony Living
Summer Colony Living is a resort lifestyle brand founded by Debra Carrington. The company operates two retail stores on prestigious El Paseo in Palm Desert, California and a third boutique in Miller Beach, Indiana. Summer Colony Living has an exclusive partnership with Yates Enterprises to oversee sales and distribution of its temperature detection products in the Western United States.
About Yates Enterprises
Chicago-based Yates Enterprises was founded by William Yates, MD, a former trauma surgeon who uses his medical experience and business acumen to market products for the continued safety and health of the U.S. and its people. The company is believed to be the first black-owned enterprise in the public safety space focused on COVID-19. Yates Enterprises has been an innovator and is committed to the highest customer satisfaction and service before, during and after purchase and implementation of its safety devices.
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